Twenty Random Home Bases

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An abandoned shopping mall formerly home to many businesses but now abandoned and boarded up since the murders and massacres. The place is rumored to be the home of gangs. Most stay away, but it is a strategic point between the towns and city.
A former dwarven mine of legend that is now rumored to haunted. There is a series of twisting tunnels and weird Swiss cheese-like caverns, all worked by inhuman hands. The place is a perfect base for outlaws and thieves.
A large tower built as a folly by a rich businessman whose occult leanings lent this structure its odd air. The thing is said to be aligned with the star winds and to pick up the occult alignments. A set of caverns has been naturally hollowed out below the place and can serve as a safe haven.
A former wizard's cottage now abandoned to the elements. A supernatural aura hangs about the place, and it might make a perfect hideaway for a gang of adventurers.
An abandoned piece of land rumored to be haunted. This was the site of a pagan cult, but locals are not sure of the nature of cult's magic and god. The place sits on nice land and would make a perfect farm or manor house. There is the matter of the strange stone pylons weathered by age and the elements, though.


by Eric Fabiaschi Every group of adventurers needs a home base or a safe haven to call home. Often these places are graced with interesting or unique qualities. Some of these places work to the advantage of their owners and the adventurers who call the

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