Twenty Random Home Bases

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A former haunted house that is actually the remains of a demon summoning cult. No one goes there. The place is intact and sits on four powerful lay line convexes.
A former dungeon ruin has been uncovered by the weather, and bandits were using it as a base a few years ago. Now it stands waiting for adventurers to take it over.
A former series of pirates' or thieves' smuggling outposts for who knows what. These buildings have been warehouses, outlaw bases, and more. A series of secret passages or tunnels is rumored to be below them. They belonged to a rich family, who are now all dead.
A former dwarven mine of legend that is now rumored to haunted. There is a series of twisting tunnels and weird Swiss cheese-like caverns, all worked by inhuman hands. The place is a perfect base for outlaws and thieves.
A park-like grove of trees where a businessman built a strange, small stone cottage. This place is covered in strange pictogram writing. Rumor has it the place is taboo and the fairies have claimed it. It makes a perfect camp spot, and a strange abandoned house with many of the same pictograms sits nearby.


by Eric Fabiaschi Every group of adventurers needs a home base or a safe haven to call home. Often these places are graced with interesting or unique qualities. Some of these places work to the advantage of their owners and the adventurers who call the

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