Twenty Random Demon Personality Traits

Roll x 1 - 5 - 10

5 random results

This demon's voice goes into a higher register when he describes pain and suffering, and a lower one when he speaks of innocence and goodness. The thing seems almost in the throes of depression at these times.
This demon has weird manifestations of shape-shifting pupils in his eyes when he has an idea or evil thought.
This demon is surrounded by an aura of chaos and depravity. Things break down around him, and an aura of entropy infects anything he handles.
This demon considers himself a connoisseur of sin and depravity. He laughs and chatters to himself when especially juicy ideas or thoughts occur to him.
A bit of chaos and mutation cling to this demon as a second skin, and anyone engaging him in conversation must make a save vs. wands after 1d6 minutes or be struck dumb for a minute or two.


by Eric Fabiaschi

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