Twenty Items from A Demon Fortress

Roll x 1 - 5 - 10

5 random results

A small golden vessel containing the soul of a murderous damned man. It gets hotter around places of war and violence longing to join the action.
The right arm of a bard tattooed with ancient symbols and hidden prophecies.
The bones of a demon sultan that summon 1d6 demonic warriors. These bones are worth several thousand gold pieces to a demonic wizard of the darkest aspect.
Six red gold coins with the faces of the PCs on them. Their meaning is mysterious, and an aura of terror surrounds them.
Candied spider legs suspended in brine and honey resting in a two-foot tall jar. They're still alive.


by: Eric Fabiaschi There are relics and lost pieces of the Abyss that find their way into ancient fortresses or the sites of warfare among the damned and the various demon lords. Here is a quick set of minor artifacts to give your players a taste of

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