Twenty Items from A Demon Fortress

Roll x 1 - 5 - 10

5 random results

A crown of thorns with strange ichors on it. The thing bleeds every 1d4 rounds.
A strange eyeball-like device with part of a human spine attached. This device uses the human nervous system and part of the soul to measure how strong the local magical conditions are.
The liver of a wizard preserved in jelly and wrapped in newsprint with strange headlines on it.
A mechanical doll with a malevolent spirit trapped within it and nail-sized rubies for its dead eyes.
Skeleton keys that open the doors of perception and dream. They seem to bleed each day for 2 hours.


by: Eric Fabiaschi There are relics and lost pieces of the Abyss that find their way into ancient fortresses or the sites of warfare among the damned and the various demon lords. Here is a quick set of minor artifacts to give your players a taste of

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