Twenty Home Base Threats

Roll x 1 - 5 - 10

5 random results

1d10 ancient kings lie buried under the property, and a family of criminals and thieves wishes the return of their ancestral lair. They will stop at nothing to cause ruin to the current occupants.
There are vibrations that attract the attention of a local cult of evil that wants to murder and claim the souls of all those who live on the property. There will be no mercy, and half of the cult members are already free-willed and dangerous zombie things. They will stop at nothing to kill everyone they meet.
A spirit of vengeance and violence wants to claim a treasure that has been secreted in the walls of the PCs' base. Its minions are already watching and waiting to rain down horror on the occupants. A ley line of evil has been manifesting slowly around the property.
The property was the home of a witch who still lives in a forgotten dimensional warp. She plots to kill the current owners and the neighbors to eat their souls. Her rat-like minions are already prowling the neighborhood.
A mad scientist seeks the dimensional doorway that lies on the ley lines of the property. His weird mutant minions are stalking the adventurers even in their home.


by Eric Fabiaschi We love to think our homes are our castles. While that might be true if you're very lucky, the same does not apply to PCs. They live with the constant knowledge that at any moment their homes can be taken from them. Here is a list of

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