Twenty Home Base Threats

Roll x 1 - 5 - 10

5 random results

1d10 ancient kings lie buried under the property, and a family of criminals and thieves wishes the return of their ancestral lair. They will stop at nothing to cause ruin to the current occupants.
A force of 1d20 cultists has heard the legends of the PCs' property and want it for themselves.
There are 1d10 giant mutant mole monsters planning to undermine the property's foundation because the aura of violence and horror attracts them as mating calls. They are dangerous and difficult to harm, as they are originally from the elemental plane of earth.
A wizard seeks a set of Lovecraftian relics and treasures secreted someplace on the property. He will stop at nothing to recover these objects.
The site was once a brothel. The madam's treasure was secreted in a hidden ancient vault, and now her murderous family seeks their legacy and right.


by Eric Fabiaschi We love to think our homes are our castles. While that might be true if you're very lucky, the same does not apply to PCs. They live with the constant knowledge that at any moment their homes can be taken from them. Here is a list of

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