Twenty Home Base Threats

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Your adventurers' other-dimensional doppelgangers want to murder them and take over their lives for evil. They come from a post-apocalyptic hell zone, and death is preferable to living the lie of knowing the PCs exist. They will stop at nothing to accomplish their mission.
A mad scientist seeks the dimensional doorway that lies on the ley lines of the property. His weird mutant minions are stalking the adventurers even in their home.
There are ancient monstrous kings who sleep below the water table on the property. Should they wake, they will tear holes in space and time to let their Lovecraftian masters return. A cult wishes to sacrifice the heroes who live there now.
Someplace in the forgotten vault of the property is the resting place of a Star Spawn of Cthulhu that an ancient wizard tried to awaken eons past. But the thing's dreams warn of its awakening soon, when the stars are right.
A primeval treasure calls out to a group of ancient evil sorcerers who wish to claim its magical legacy. The PCs' home lies on top of it, and the sorcerers are already using its evil to cause nightmare demons to plague certain individuals living there.


by Eric Fabiaschi We love to think our homes are our castles. While that might be true if you're very lucky, the same does not apply to PCs. They live with the constant knowledge that at any moment their homes can be taken from them. Here is a list of

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