Twenty Home Base Secrets

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5 random results

A circle of power and sacrifice has been secreted here. It holds the lines of power and magick for a tribe of ancient aspect. A forbidden magical power courses through the place and calls down horrid weather and weird light shows upon the property. Perhaps a wizard or magus can tap into it.
Generations of cultists practiced black occult rites and rituals on the property. There are signs and symbols of sinister aspect still etched on certain stones around the place.
An ancient weird magick has tainted the property, and those born or raised here are under the shadow of a cursed existence.
The crucified remains of thirty-five prisoners dwell in the woodlands surrounding this place. They're ghosts bound to a hidden treasure.
A gold crown belonging to one of the twenty kings of Hell has been secreted on this property along with his accursed treasure, but its powers are unknown.


by Eric Fabiaschi Places are like people - they develop and have secrets over the years, and even moreso for PCs' lairs. These are places of legend and myth where time, mystery, and history collide in a dance of fate and weirdness. Here are secrets tha

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