Twenty Home Base Secrets

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The treasures of the twelve fairy tribes are secreted upon the property, and a treasure hunter wants to find them before the owners find out.
There are eighty-six standing stones on the property that boast a dimensional gateway to another world. Alien life forms watch from beyond with malicious intent upon their minds.
An ancient psychotic killer operated on the property for generations and may have left his victims' corpses behind.
A rock with an ancient blood curse has been buried here along with the corpses of those who gave their lives to secure its weird legacy of horror.
A series of ritualistic murders took place on the property and has imbued the place with an aura of tragedy and sadness.


by Eric Fabiaschi Places are like people - they develop and have secrets over the years, and even moreso for PCs' lairs. These are places of legend and myth where time, mystery, and history collide in a dance of fate and weirdness. Here are secrets tha

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