Twenty Home Base Secrets

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The chests of twelve ancient wizard kings are buried someplace nearby, and only a battered and broken ancient brass cup holds the clues to this place.
The mark of the beasts of Hell has twisted the trees and rocks into odd and disturbing shapes that spell out the name of a major demon lord.
This property sits between two dangerous, other-dimensional locations. It attracts the attention of weird and dangerous fairy powers and Lovecraftian horrors from beyond.
A sword of dangerous and magical aspect has been secreted on the property. Its knightly owner's ghost watches over it. Pity the fool who finds the weapon, for a bound demon owns the blade and wishes to send its next victim to Hell in a wave of violence and bloodshed.
A mad scientist used the place for bizarre, cutting-edge science experiments. Legend states the place holds his toxic remains.


by Eric Fabiaschi Places are like people - they develop and have secrets over the years, and even moreso for PCs' lairs. These are places of legend and myth where time, mystery, and history collide in a dance of fate and weirdness. Here are secrets tha

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