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You have 10 things, 3 In the midst of a city, trees and plants have begun to sprout spontaneously, taking over streets, plazas, and even whole buildings. A radical druid group is attempting to reclaim the urban environment for their nature religion., 4 A druid is speeding up the growth of several trees, seeking to use their roots to subtly destroy certain buildings. Unfortunately for him, the PCs notice what he's doing, and he has no choice but to attempt to silence them.
You have 8 things, 2 Someone falls out the window of a high building. It wasn't suicide as he had his hands and feet bound together and three large sacks of gold tied around his neck. What will be more important, the murder or the money?, 1 The inhabitants of a large building start a war against an identical neighboring building. At the beginning it's because they are accused of stealing their water, but in fact they have held many petty grudges for years and this way they can vent them out violently. The party is hired by fearful authorities to stop the revolt that threatens to scale into a civil war, but one of the tenants in the rebel building is a PC's distant relative. Does the party intervene impartially, risking a family feud or do they help the relative exact revenge against his neighbors?
You have 4 things, 1 The PCs travel to a city famous for its elegance and glamour, where everybody has a fashion sense. In the crowded plaza, one of the characters bumps into a citizen and loses his purse. When he finds out he realizes everybody looks the same because all are using the same fashionable garments of this season., 3 The PCs receive a letter dated several weeks ago from someone whom they helped in a previous adventure. It warns them that a group of suspicious people were asking questions about how to find them.
You have 1 things, 3 A large procession of somber men beating wooden drums and chanting deeply wanders down the street, reverently carrying a large coffin. A second group of hooded men sneaks up on roof tops and emerge from doors and alleys all around, drawing weapons. The two groups are going to converge in a large town square, where the PCs are standing., 3 In a store window, a living mannequin sneezes, swears, and gets back into character.
You have 1 things, 1 Private guards flank a door and stare hard at the PCs as they pass by., 1 A gambling den has a new twist on an old card game. Their version of War involves actual combat to resolve the card game. The PCs are asked by a card player to act as "seconds" in the live-combat sections of the game.
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