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You have 10 things, 2 It is market day and nomads from all around bring their riding beasts to sell and barter. One of the mounts, a fine animal, goes berserk and rampages through the market. The seller offers the beast to whoever can stop it. Apart from the PCs, other adventurers try to stop the animal too., 5 A person runs through the market shouting Thief! Thief! The city guards chase after this person. The one shouting has a bloody knife in their hand.
You have 8 things, 2 In the Magic Market, a shady dealer offers to sell a party member an elaborately decorated Bag of Holding at a healthy discount that should put a wary buyer on notice. Unfortunately, a small, almost impossible to notice rip in the bag's seam is actually a multi-dimensional hole that will suck anything placed in the bag into an astral void, where it is lost forever (short of a wish)., 3 Gate guards refuse entry for the party based on racial prejudice or local customs, such as no entry after sundown. The party does need to enter, though.
You have 4 things, 3 A hauntingly fragile song echoes through the streets at dusk. The PCs trace the origin to a church's bell tower, from which a jilted young lover threw herself in despair to her death. Now her spirit sings her lament to the setting sun. Does she recount her story and ask the party to deliver her by avenging her wronging? Or will she bitterly pitch any male characters from the tower to the cobbles below?, 1 There have long been rumours of the cemetery being desecrated by someone stealing the corpses. One night the PCs chance upon the necromancer walking home with newly animated undead.
You have 2 things, 2 While walking on a sunny side-street, a large group of happy and laughing children come skipping and gamboling down into the midst of the PCs. Apparently unafraid of the PCs, they continue to play their silly children's games, occasionally bumping into characters' legs and arms, while their gleeful group filters through the PCs. Each child attempts to pick a pocket., 4 A woman falls into the street from the second story window in front of the party and dies on impact. Soon after, a PC notices a hooded figure skillfully dropping, uninjured, from another second story window facing into the alley. The figure quickly disappears into a maze of side streets.
You have 9 things, 1 The PCs hear shrieks from a dark alley where a young maiden just went. Under the full moon, she is painfully turning into a werewolf for the first time., 5 A raccoon runs out the back of a shop holding a human hand in its mouth. The shopkeeper doesn't appear alarmed, though the other customers aren't quite so blase.
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