Goblin Punch: Minor Magical Items

Roll x 1 - 5 - 10

5 random results

Sovereign Glue.
Vial of Nightshade. When drunk, it puts the body into a deep coma and ejects the spirit. You can now roam around, incorporeal, until you return to your body. There is a 1-in-6 chance each hour that some mishap befalls you (body possessed by outsider, soul lost forever, etc). Coma lasts for 1d3 days.
Everice. Never melts.
Log of Alarum. This 300 lb log protects those who sleep with their heads against it. If they would be attacked in their sleep, the log has a 90% chance of waking them up (by making bird song).
Stick of the Titan. Hits for 2d8, then breaks.


1d100 Minor Magical Items by Arnold K.

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