Goblin Punch: Minor Magical Items

Roll x 1 - 5 - 10

10 random results

Gossip Cookies. Each one contains either a random rumor from the most relevant rumor table or "You will be killed by [Error: unknown table "random monster from most relevant random encounter table"]". 50% chance of each.
Cursed matches (1d6). When lit, the match does not ignite. Instead, whatever the PC is looking at catches fire. (Tiny match-sized fire. Does no damage unless allowed to progress.)
Singing frog. Knows 1d6 songs. Good for a free round of drinks in pretty much any bar you walk in to, with only a 20% chance that someone will try to steal it from you at the end of the night.
Boots of the Aristocrat. When you click them together, your clothes become clean, your skin becomes perfumed, and your hair is styled.
Chewed Bone. When chewed, it fills the air with the smell of delicious fresh meat. This is strong enough to mask other odors.
Quiet Bell. This 2" tall silver bell prevents all sound within 1'.
Feather of Bravado. When placed in a hat, it points in the direction of the nearest deadly foe capable of killing the PCs. When placed in the bottom of one's shoe, allows them to run slightly faster.
Metal Eye Mask. Wearing this mask obscures you normal vision, but allows you to see from above, sort of like an orbital satellite's view. At sea level, you can see an area 200' in diameter, centered on the mask.
Naiad-hair Ring. 50% cursed. When worn, PC treats all water as if it had the consistency of a gas. (Don't fall off a boat.) Water is still unbreathable.
Perpetual motion machine. Utterly unremarkable in a world filled with magic, but still cool.


1d100 Minor Magical Items by Arnold K.

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