Fantasy City encounters

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While in a tavern one of the PCs notices someone slipping something into another patron's drink. What could it be? Is this an assassination? Drugging for a robbery? Perhaps an illicit drug trade? Do they get involved or let it play out?
The PCs are resting in their inn room when suddenly the door bursts open. A well-armed man with weapon drawn storms in and says, "Don't move, I've...crap, wrong room." The intruder then quickly exits.
The party hears a rumor about work from temple. When they arrive, they find themselves in an empty temple. Once they reach the center of the temple, the entire congregation rushes in and take the party down into the crypt.
A tiny, pristine white mouse with pink ears charges out of an alley and leaps onto a PC, cowering behind the character's back. A lone, dirty figure runs out of the same alley a second later, in one hand a long pole with a looped rope attached to one end. He eyes the PCs and demands they tell him where the rat went, and warn they shouldn't try to snipe his bounty on it.
A popular street performer is brutally murdered in broad daylight by a stranger. When apprehended, the man breaks down in tears, babbling that he didn't want to kill her but he had to.... What possessed the man to commit such a crime?


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