Fantasy City encounters

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This is OUR territory. The local thieves guild hears that an experienced thief has come to town who has not checked in with them. They send a few associates to visit the party rogue to remind him of the guild's fees and rules, and, of course, penalties for failing to abide by them.
A young man approaches the PCs claiming to be the real Sheriff of this area. He wants to deputize the PCs and send them into the nearby mine to investigate strange lights and missing cattle.
At a tavern, the party finds an immaculately dressed half-ogre (who is wearing clothing fit for royalty and a massive belt) challenging patrons to a drinking contest at a fee of 5 GP to enter and 1 CP per shot; the prize is 000 GP. The half-ogre's belt is actually a Girdle of Slow Poison, which coupled with his high constitution, gives him an unfair advantage over the competition. The party must somehow get his belt away from him to win.
A noble's tomb is found opened, the sarcophagus lid removed, and the body missing. Upon investigation, other bodies are missing from other graves in the same cemetery. The caretaker is being accused of grave robbing, but he swears he is innocent.
The PCs make it back to town and are resting while the neighboring clan of the one they just raided/killed has tracked them back and waits for the dead of night to spring on them.


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