Fantasy City encounters

Roll x 1 - 5 - 10

5 random results

A man on a unicycle juggles three bags as he weaves through the crowd. He then crashes into a PC, possibly causing the character to drop or spill something.
The living water creature that attacked the rich matron and stole her jeweled necklace escaped down a privy. Now it is in the sewers with its prize, lurking who knows where. Guess who gets to go down there and find out?
Stirges living in the sewers are spreading filth fever. This needs to be stopped.
While exploring a foreign city mostly populated by different race, a character is approached by a group of folk of his own race. They seem to spread out as if to surround the character while the leader demands, "What brings you to our fair city?"
It is late at night and before the PCs reach an inn they notice there is blood on every door in town. While none of the doors seem disturbed, a growling sound gets louder as the characters reach their destination.


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