City Flavour Dusk

Roll x 1 - 5 - 10

5 random results

Kobold trash crews come up from their clan cave networks dressed in heavy grey cloaks to scavenge the Middle and Low districts while more acceptable crews clean the High district.
The local entertainment center features a fight night. Heavyweight champs compete in fist fights while people gamble on the potential winner.
Certain people are moving in the shadows, off to nefarious dealings.
Young people, in ones and twos, slowly drift into the streets, sometimes forming packs. They never linger for long and are soon off to the cemetery for a few hours of fun.
Most shops are closed for the night, but a few remain open till 7 or 8. By late evening the only businesses open are the tavern and doctor’s office. Shifts change for 24 hour service centers.
Created by Jorge González
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