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Rumors One roll per month or when entering a new area 75% & up are major or international events Thanks to RPT GM Chad Hooper for this table Roll 5
Pathfinder Encounter Tables: Urban (Dangerous City) CR 6 Pathfinder Encounter Tables: Urban (Dangerous City) CR 6 Roll 5
RPT Gems #74: Flaws Random flaws from Role Playing Tips (RPT) #74 Roll 5
Quick NPC Personality Random Table - Quick NPC personalities Roll 5
Bandits Randomly generate dwarf and human bandits with appearances, motivations, quirks, voices and weapon/fighting style. Roll 5
testing again test Roll 5
Table test Roll 5
testhazel test Roll 5
testing testing Roll 5
Plots The 36 Plots by Loren J. Miller Roll 5
Big list of RPG plots The Big List of RPG Plots is dedicated to the many, many fans who've let me know how helpful it's been, and especially to those who've helped make it better: Peter Barnard, Glen Barnett, Colin Clark, David Lott, Jason Puckett, Marc Rees, Carrie Schutrick, Roll 5
D20 SRD Treasure Mundane Tools and Gear Tools and gear Roll 5
D20 SRD Treasure Gem Treasure Gems D20 SRD Roll 5

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