Twenty Random Home Bases

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A creepy woodland hunting lodge that has stood the test of time. It is a perfect base for a group of outlaws or bandits. The trees, animals, and woodlands are slightly bigger and more terrifying than similar areas in the vicinity.
A small, hidden manor house rumored to have once belonged to a local king as a love nest or base. The place has been abandoned to the elements and time. It boasts many hidden passages and secrets of its own. It would make a perfect place for a group of adventurers.
Ruins used by a band of thieves. The place has an aura of evil about it that keeps people away, and many folks think it's haunted. A secret dungeon lies beneath the ruins the PCs could discover later in the campaign.
A large tower built as a folly by a rich businessman whose occult leanings lent this structure its odd air. The thing is said to be aligned with the star winds and to pick up the occult alignments. A set of caverns has been naturally hollowed out below the place and can serve as a safe haven.
A farm village that has almost but not quite turned to ruin. There are a series of thieves' tunnels below ground that link all of the locations.


by Eric Fabiaschi Every group of adventurers needs a home base or a safe haven to call home. Often these places are graced with interesting or unique qualities. Some of these places work to the advantage of their owners and the adventurers who call the

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