Twenty Random Demon Personality Traits

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5 random results

Ghostly victims of this demon linger around it and try to subtly warn those nearby of its dangerous and dire nature.
This demon is the reincarnation of a famous local murderer, and his victims hover close by waiting for the chance to gain revenge. This bastard is murderous and unpredictable, especially around wizards.
This demon constantly says the name 'Eddie' before statements. Eddie is not his name nor the name of anyone he knows, but a ghost presence who sometimes hovers close by.
This demon has the laugh stolen from a little child he possessed. The demon uses it to unnerve his foes in combat.
This demon's voice goes into a higher register when he describes pain and suffering, and a lower one when he speaks of innocence and goodness. The thing seems almost in the throes of depression at these times.


by Eric Fabiaschi

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