Twenty Random Demon Personality Traits

Roll x 1 - 5 - 10

5 random results

This demon speaks in rhymes and bad limericks punctuated by swearing in ancient dead tongues.
The scent of dead musicians and tobacco hang in the hair near this demon. The thing has a sad aura that masks an aptitude for violence and dangerous action.
This demon is surrounded by an aura of chaos and depravity. Things break down around him, and an aura of entropy infects anything he handles.
A bit of chaos and mutation cling to this demon as a second skin, and anyone engaging him in conversation must make a save vs. wands after 1d6 minutes or be struck dumb for a minute or two.
This demon has to fumble with human organs that mystically appear between his finger talons. They are, however, not easily identifiable.


by Eric Fabiaschi

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