Twenty Items from A Demon Fortress

Roll x 1 - 5 - 10

5 random results

The thigh bone of an angel coated in gold from the 11th lake of violence. This device allows the owner to control a horde of 1d6 minor demonlings.
Six red gold coins with the faces of the PCs on them. Their meaning is mysterious, and an aura of terror surrounds them.
A witch's right hand capped with silver. Its uses are unknown.
A wedding ring of a minor demon prince with spikes and bits of dried blood
The head of a sinner filled with disease-carrying bees. Its eyes and other orifices have been stopped up with unholy wax.


by: Eric Fabiaschi There are relics and lost pieces of the Abyss that find their way into ancient fortresses or the sites of warfare among the damned and the various demon lords. Here is a quick set of minor artifacts to give your players a taste of

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