Twenty Home Base Secrets

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An ancient weird magick has tainted the property, and those born or raised here are under the shadow of a cursed existence.
A sword of dangerous and magical aspect has been secreted on the property. Its knightly owner's ghost watches over it. Pity the fool who finds the weapon, for a bound demon owns the blade and wishes to send its next victim to Hell in a wave of violence and bloodshed.
The property holds portals to other dimensions and alternative Earths. Visitors from those places use these gateways to visit your world. They will try to replace their doubles and take over your party's lives.
The bones of a barbarian warlord have been entombed in the old foundations of a former place of worship before the current one was built. His spirit haunts this place, slaying those who trespass here.
The treasures of the twelve fairy tribes are secreted upon the property, and a treasure hunter wants to find them before the owners find out.


by Eric Fabiaschi Places are like people - they develop and have secrets over the years, and even moreso for PCs' lairs. These are places of legend and myth where time, mystery, and history collide in a dance of fate and weirdness. Here are secrets tha

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