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You have 6 things, 3 A figure in a dark cloak and a thick foreign accent asks the PCs to deliver an envelope to the head of the city guard., 4 A bride and groom ride down the street in a horse drawn carriage. The horses suddenly rear up and the cart threatens to topple. A terrified goblin tries to dodge flailing hooves. Do the PCs go to the cart, horses or goblin?
You have 8 things, 1 A flock of chickens peck at the street. Upon investigation, it seems they are eating small gems., 3 As the PCs turn a corner, a law enforcement officer slams into them at breakneck speed. As they help him up, they notice he is covered in blood with grievous wounds. As he dies in their arms, he begs them to find his wife and relay his sincerest love and apologies.
You have 1 things, 1 The inhabitants of a large building start a war against an identical neighboring building. At the beginning it's because they are accused of stealing their water, but in fact they have held many petty grudges for years and this way they can vent them out violently. The party is hired by fearful authorities to stop the revolt that threatens to scale into a civil war, but one of the tenants in the rebel building is a PC's distant relative. Does the party intervene impartially, risking a family feud or do they help the relative exact revenge against his neighbors?, 1 A crowd has gathered on the outskirts of town to listen to a snake oil salesman (magical potions, cure-alls, inventions). The salesman spots the PCs and calls them out to demonstrate his products and the crowd won't take no for an answer. Do the PCs try to talk the crowd down or try to sell the con artist's products when they have no idea what they're supposed to do?
You have 8 things, 1 The baron has hired the PCs to serve as security during his daughter's twelve hour wedding ceremony, feast, and marriage consummation to the neighboring baron's son (the entire ritual must be completed for the joining to be finalized). Unbeknownst to the PCs, the crime lord's son is in love with the girl and a third baron hoped his son would be wed to her instead., 3 A streak of bad luck has hit town hard. People have been injured in accidents, fires, sickness. People report seeing a black cat near them before the accidents happen. Confronting the cat should be entertaining as trying to harm it will only bring bad luck to the PCs (bow strings break, sword slips out of hand and gets lost, shoes become untied, etc.). Catching it will be difficult as it is with any cat. Best thing to do is follow it and see where it goes, which will lead them to a big tree that the cat enters. The cat is actually a shape shifting spirit, a trickster, just having fun with the town. The PCs will have to pass a test or riddle or perform some task for the spirit to get it to leave the town alone.
You have 5 things, 3 As representatives of the Prince, the party must track down the culprit of a spate of vampiric murders throughout the city (clear Masquerade violations). While locating the rogue kindred, a party member notices the murder victims bear a striking resemblance to their sire; is it possible the murders are not random?, 3 A beautiful local appears to fall in love with a PC, but her affections are the result of malevolent magics.
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