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You have 5 things, 2 A young man, who is obviously not an adventurer, claims he has a map showing the location of the cache of an adventuring group that went missing. He offers to sell the map to the PCs., 2 A dog slinks up to the party and begs for scraps. A bloody mark has been carved into its flank. The mark might be a clue or cult symbol or just a warning.
You have 3 things, 1 Your favourite cafe gets invaded by gang members. They want you to scram so they can enjoy their new hangout in peace. Will you drive them out of the area or join their gang to keep going to the cafe?, 1 The characters are drafted into a posse as a group of armed outlaws have just robbed the tax collector, and the lawful authorities have the right to require armed freemen to perform this public service. If the characters do not step up, they will chase the outlaws for 2d6 days before the law enforcement officials give up the chase.
You have 8 things, 2 An investigation by the PCs requires they join a secret organisation. Unfortunately, once a member always a member, and leaving town is not an option., 5 While sailing into harbor the PCs' ship is mistaken for a pirate vessel that has been plaguing local shipping. As the ship is attacked do they defend the innocent crew, try to reason with the attackers or try to abandon ship and escape into the harbor?
You have 10 things, 2 A hawk dives out of the sky and snags a mouse near the party or perhaps attacks a PC's familiar., 5 A rival needs time to complete his plans or plot, so he hires a kender to hang out with the party for several days to hinder the group.
You have 4 things, 3 A PC is witnessed in action by one who decides the character's particular talents are just too good to pass up, and he wants to make the PC his concubine, bodyguard, or gladiator., 3 It's been an unusually cold and dry spring, followed by hot and arid summer weeks. Crops and supplies are in bad shape. The streams are dried out and water reservoirs are low, but the annual fair and the visiting crowds are drawing near. Let's just hope there will be no epidemic.
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