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You have 6 things, 2 The characters are in a market when rival ethnic groups begin battling in the street. The initial incident escalates from insults and thrown rocks and might be stopped by the characters if quickly acted upon., 4 The party is bowled over by a crowd of street urchins taunting and chasing a pregnant rat through the streets. Is the rat one of many infesting an inn, an herbalist's pet or the prize breeder for an underground meat market?
You have 4 things, 2 The city guard is drunk and disorderly. How to quietly subdue them without letting the bad guys know the town is unguarded?, 4 A geezer follows a young and handsome dandy wearing a sword: "Yeah, now yer talkin', Roy!"
You have 8 things, 3 A famous adventurer was found dead outside the main gate and his body laid to rest in one of the temples. What's he doing walking into the tavern? And why is he coming toward your table?, 4 A shady character contacts the PCs on the street, inquiring whether they would like to acquire some illicit goods, such as forbidden metals, controlled substances or easy money. When they respond they are asked to come to an alley. After a deal is struck, the trap is sprung and the city guards will try to arrest the party.
You have 10 things, 1 Every time the PCs enter a building, an alarm is triggered. The alarm is accidental or is triggered by something the PCs do or carry. The town guard become irritated by the locals crying wolf and eventually stop coming when the PCs set off the alarm., 5 Just when they need to get somewhere fast, the PCs run into a noble's long and slow funeral procession that spans nearly half the city. PCs must get to the other side of the river of mourners without causing trouble or offence.
You have 5 things, 1 One member of the party is seen carrying an exotic weapon and the authority of the local museum is told about it. This museum curator has been an adventurer and masters some kind of whip weapon. He prepares an ambush to steal the exotic weapon, yelling at the PCs on sight, "That belongs in a museum!", 5 Not quite looking where he is going, one of the party steps in a puddle...of blood.
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