Goblin Punch: Minor Magical Items

Roll x 1 - 5 - 10

5 random results

Dust of Vermicide. When thrown, does 1 damage to everything in a 5' diameter area. Alternatively, does 2d6 damage against a swarm.
Endless Boots. Cannot stop walking. Will never tire from walking. Cannot run. Walk walk walk.
Chewed Bone. When chewed, it fills the air with the smell of delicious fresh meat. This is strong enough to mask other odors.
Singing frog. Knows 1d6 songs. Good for a free round of drinks in pretty much any bar you walk in to, with only a 20% chance that someone will try to steal it from you at the end of the night.
Party Book. This book creates audible illusions imitating a party. The state of the party depends on the page the book is opened to. If the book is turned to page 1, you'll hear a couple people setting up silverware. Middle of the book, raucous carousing. Near the end, mostly snores and a few people taking shots.


1d100 Minor Magical Items by Arnold K.

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