Goblin Punch: Minor Magical Items

Roll x 1 - 5 - 10

5 random results

Dust of De-Appearance. Can make things invisible, but wears off if the object moves, is moved, or even wiggles a bit. Best used on inanimate objects or people who can hold really, really, still.
Eye of Zin. If this jewel is pressed into the forehead, the wearer's eyes turn jet black, they gain darkvision, and they are blinded by even small amounts of light (a nearby torch will blind them, for example).
Wand of Necromantic Cooking. Can enchant a corpse or cut of meat to cut, prepare, marinate, and cook itself. A slaughtered pig will seek out gravy to roll around in. Sausages will jump into the saucepan, and then seek out your plate when cooked.
Grinning Amulet. Anyone who laughs--even a snicker--near this amulet must make a save or laugh uncontrollably for the next minute. Careful, it's contagious--if a player laughs during this, so does their character.
Hungry coin. Cursed. Will attempt to eat other coins that it comes into contact with. Eats 100 coins an hour.


1d100 Minor Magical Items by Arnold K.

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