Goblin Punch: Minor Magical Items

Roll x 1 - 5 - 10

10 random results

Ring of the Adventurous Limb. If worn on a hand, the entire arm will vanish. It will return after 24 hours have elapsed. Roll a d10: 1 - tattoo on arm, 2 - arm injured, 3 - gained a ring, probably a wedding ring, 4 - ring missing, 5-10 - nothing special. It will have a similar effect on legs.
Sovereign Glue.
Scones (1d6). When broken in half, it erupts into 1d100 scones (10 scones = food for a day). Alternatively, it can be eaten to restore 1d6 HP.
Amulet of Hope. Shines as bright as a candle, but only when there are no other light sources. Light points back towards dungeon entrance, vaguely. Hums reassuringly when clutched, and warms your hand.
Chest of the Mundane. Anything placed inside it is covered with an illusion that makes it look worthless and boring. Currently holding 3 peridots worth 10gp each.
Night's Black Windchimes. 25% chance of alerting you when you would be attacked during the night. If one of the 1d6+1 chimes is broken in half, a refreshing (but also quite cold) breeze blows through the area.
Orphan's Top. Cannot be spun if there are any invisible undead nearby.
Indelible Pen. Can write on anything. Writing is permanent. Works 1d6 times.
Statuette of Baal. Can be "fed" gold to grow larger, adding to its. Starts out the size of a gold coin. Becomes more complex as it grows larger, adds features and companions. If grown to the size of 100,000 gp, golden tablet reveals great secret. (Does not create or destroy gold, just absorbs it.) If grown to 1,000,000 gp, it will come alive and try to take over the world.
Sleeping Draught. Sleep TWICE AS HARD for four hours. You get a full night's rest, but cannot be woken up. Unwilling targets get a save.


1d100 Minor Magical Items by Arnold K.

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