Fantasy City encounters

Roll x 1 - 5 - 10

5 random results

Giant rats attack the taverner's daughter in the back alley. Hidden in the rubbish of the alley is a small locked box.
Drunken revelers spill out an inn into a public park and create a disturbance. They're angry because new curfews have forced them to leave earlier than normal. What reason for these curfews?
A baby is growing 10 times faster than normal. Some folks believe it is a sign from a god, while others believe the baby to be under an evil magical influence and threaten to kill him.
A character attempts to buy food from a vendor in the market, but the merchant gets angry and refuses because the character does not have any local currency, only foreign coins.
A circus has camped just outside of town, and the locals are enjoying the show. One of the stars of the circus goes missing, and the circus master blames a prominent citizen of the town.


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