Fantasy City encounters

Roll x 1 - 5 - 10

5 random results

Gate guards refuse entry for the party based on racial prejudice or local customs, such as no entry after sundown. The party does need to enter, though.
A woman carrying a stack of books trips in front of the party and falls over, scattering her books everywhere. One of the books is on demonology.
A noble is mortally offended by a PC's behavior and challenges the PC to a duel a l'outrance (to the death). There is no way to back out without violating social mores and ruining the PC's reputation. Careful investigation will reveal that the noble and PCs were subtly maneuvered into it by a third party trying to get the noble killed. And if the wandering adventurer gets killed instead, who cares?
Goods are going missing from stores in broad daylight. Owners have gaps in their memories, and if pressed, can be made to vaguely remember a kindly soul offering to help hide their more valuable items from thieves.
A drought wreaks havoc in town. The PCs are asked by a medicine man to help locate water using his tools. Once the water is found bad guys show up to break the water supply or steal the tools.


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