Fantasy City encounters

Roll x 1 - 5 - 10

5 random results

A troupe of well-armed adventurers pass by chatting about returning to the secret location for the rest of the treasure tomorrow.
A crowd of locals gathers, talking about cobblestones that have sunken down in a peculiar line, almost as if the ground has given way underneath. If the PCs follow the indentation, they can see one end appears to go under the cemetery wall.
A group of young nobles are racing horses through the streets and nearly ride down the characters. The nobles are arrogant, rude and more than slightly drunk. How the party handles this situation will determine how well they are received by the various factions in that city.
A baby is growing 10 times faster than normal. Some folks believe it is a sign from a god, while others believe the baby to be under an evil magical influence and threaten to kill him.
An explosion occurs in a tower owned by a solitary wizard. Someone should make sure he's okay, but is it wise to disturb a wizard who wants to be left alone?


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