Fantasy City encounters

Roll x 1 - 5 - 10

5 random results

A dog slinks up to the party and begs for scraps. A bloody mark has been carved into its flank. The mark might be a clue or cult symbol or just a warning.
The party hears rumors of a daring break-in at the palace/bank/royal vault and arrive to find workmen on scaffolds apparently doing normal work. The workmen have proper credentials, but the party recognizes one member of the crew as a notorious criminal.
A gambling-minded PC finds a local group that has more money than skill and is willing to lose to the PC as long as he is sociable.
Kali, a common low-life, murdered a family of dwarves several months ago. Since then, he has been making a lot of money selling the supply of explosives they kept in their store. Now, his supply is running out and he'll do anything to find someone who can unlock its secrets.
The PCs pass a flower-girl on the street. She sells tulips and sings rowdy soldier's songs of bloody battles. If the PCs listen closely, they might just learn about a treasure buried in a battlefield near the city.


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