D20 SRD Treasure Level 1

Roll x 1 - 5 - 10

5 random results

3 x 1,000 cp 8 × 10 gp : Amber; amethyst; chrysoberyl; coral; red or brown-green garnet; jade; jet; white, golden, pink, or silver pearl; red spinel, red-brown or deep green spinel; tourmaline Lantern, bullseye (12 gp)
2 × 10 pp Masterwork common ranged weapon
5 x 1,000 cp Nothing
12 × 10 gp Nothing
3 × 100 sp Nothing


Cross-reference the level of the treasure on the left with the type of treasure. The level of the treasure is equal to the CR of the monsters in the encounter. A standard treasure (one that includes coins, goods, and items) requires three rolls, one for e

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